How to set up a free E-commerce website ?

1. Set up a Bilivit account

Register on Bilivit page In MyBilivit page, choose to create a subdomain, let's say you want to create a website about kitten so if you pick the subdomain `kitten` it will create a new website at the address ``

Optional: if you want a dedicated domain name like ``, have a look at our specific tutorial here.

That's it. You've just created a wordpress website. We've pre-installed you the woocommerce plugin for e-commerce. And a few other useful plugins.

2. Set up Inkthreadable account

Create an account on inkthreadable website. Or learn why we partner with them.

Link your WooCommerce store

Let's create a new product

3. Set up Stripe account

That's it, you can start selling.

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